How to Deal with Roomate Drama

Hi, welcome back to my blog!

I’m moving back to school very soon, so I wanted to write some back to school themed posts for everyone! Oh, roommates. Whether you love your roommate or hate your roommate, there’s no denying that living with other people can be difficult. While I’m about to live with my best friend for the second year in a row, I’ve also had some experiences with not-so-great roommates. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, my living situation was extremely toxic. I learned a lot from that experience, so today I’m sharing with you 3 tips for dealing with roommate drama – enjoy!


When there’s tension, it can be really easy to be petty.  Whether someone didn’t pick up after a party or didn’t put their dishes away after dinner, tension can build up. I’ve learned this from past experiences; when there’s tension, pettiness typically follows. My roommates last year did so many ridiculous petty things, and it’s just annoying and disrespectful. Don’t be the petty one. Try your hardest to stay civil. Save the petty comments for your journal and write them all down instead of saying them.


If there is a lot of drama between the two (or more) of you, you most likely won’t want to hang out in the common space together. Make sure that you are mindful of the space and don’t completely take it over. If they have friends over, maybe leave the apartment or spend time in your room. Leave for the weekend to visit someone at a nearby college, go home if you live close, have a sleepover at a friend’s dorm.


Having someone who is outside of your dorm/apartment that you can talk to about whats going on is super helpful. Getting advice from someone who isn’t in the situation can help you gain a different perspective on things and make you feel better. Plus, since you have a close ally outside of your living situation, you’ll have somewhere to go when you need some space


If the drama you’re experiencing is something you want to work through to keep a friendship, communicate with your roommate(s) about the drama and what you are feeling. Set ground rules for the future to avoid the same thing happening again. Unfortunately, in my experience, communication was the complete opposite of what happened with my roommates, but definitely at least try to communicate with them.


Last year when things were bad, one of my roommates slammed every single door she passed through. When she moved out she left trash in the apartment and things on the walls. No matter how tense the living situation is, be respectful of the space. If you’re leasing an apartment or living on campus, you don’t own the space. Be respectful of the apartment/dorm.

Here you have it – 5 tips for dealing with roommate drama! Whether it’s small and you can work through it or it’s the kind of drama where you can’t wait to move out and not have to deal with them again, following these tips can help to soothe the tension at least a bit and make getting through it easier.

Have you ever dealt with roommate drama? Have any other tips? Leave them in the comments below!

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