Learning Aerial Yoga

Hi, welcome back to my blog!

The other week, I took an aerial yoga class for the first time. I went in really not knowing what to expect. Here’s what I thought.

First, we started by just sitting in the hammock and then pulling our legs in and sitting fully wrapped in it so that we could get comfortable with it and trust that it could actually hold us (the instructor said they’re made to hold literal tons so it definitely could hold me, but it still was a little nerve-wracking at first).

The instructor told us how we would be hanging upside down about 3-4 times, and if we did it for the recommended length, we’d be guaranteed an extra half inch in height at the end of class. Score!

Let me tell you, when this class first started I was terrified. My knuckles were white holding onto the hammock and when we flipped back up from hanging upside down I felt like I had arthritis in my hands because I had been holding on so tight. The instructor showed us how were were going to move to get upside down and I just sat there in awe at how he flipped around like it was nobody’s business. He made it look so easy.  When it was our turn to try it, I quickly learned that someone who had never done aerial yoga before would not be able to flip upside down in the same manor he did. I 100% did not look as good doing it.

We continued doing different kinds of movements, like hanging upside down and using all the upper body strength I could muster to pull myself from hanging upside down to sitting in the hammock in mid air on my knees.

Class ended with arguably one of the best yoga poses: shavasana (aka savasana or corpse pose). If you’ve never done yoga before, it’s when you get to lay down and not move for the last few minutes of class. Now, imagine that while cocooned in a giant slowly swaying hammock. Pure. Bliss.

After that, the instructor left some time at the end for pictures, because if you do something this cool and don’t snap a pic, did it really happen?

Here I am hanging upside down, still lightly terrified, but not as much as the first time:

Overall, aerial yoga was one of the coolest experiences by far. It was so much more of a workout than I had anticipated too. Basically my entire body was sore the following two days. That doesn’t even happen after my super intense cardio kickboxing class! If you’re super into yoga, or absolutely can’t stand it, I definitely recommend trying aerial yoga, it could flip your perspective, pun 100% intended.

yoga pin

3 thoughts on “Learning Aerial Yoga

  1. Aerial yoga is so hard and so fun. I’ve had two experiences of this with different teachers and i would say make sure you pick the right teacher as I definitely found one better than the other. I guess it depends what you want to get from a class. There definitely a level of aching not experienced from any other workout. So worth it. X

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