I Feel Fat.

How many times have you said “I feel fat” in your life? How many times have you heard it from someone else?

The funny thing about it though – you can’t really feel fat. Fat isn’t a feeling. I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve definitely been an “I feel fat” offender.

I’ve never been overweight, but I would never call myself skinny. I’ve always just kind of been in the middle. There was nothing special about my body to point out, I had no womanly curves, but didn’t have visible abs either. I just had a straight body with enough excess fat to make it just… normal.

Being in college, it’s been difficult. The people at my university are very fitness-focused as well, meaning a lot of the girls I go to school with have that “perfect bikini body” and aren’t afraid to show it off on Instagram.

Comparing my body to others has always been a problem for me. Constantly I’ve scrolled through social media or seen others on the machine next to me at the gym and looked at myself in comparison and felt disappointed.

I’ve never really had a good body image.

It’s much easier to be positive about other people’s bodies than it is to be about your own. It’s much easier to praise your friend for being confident enough to wear tight pants and crop tops than it is to be the one wearing them. It’s much easier to hate yourself than it is to love yourself.

But, where’s the fun in hating yourself? Where’s the fun in counting calories and feeling like a failure when you’ve eaten too many than your app suggests? Where’s the fun in starting and quitting countless workout programs because you think you’ll never be like the girls who finish them? Where’s the fun in looking in the mirror before you shower and despising every single roll and lump you see?

I don’t want to feel fat. I want to feel strong. Powerful. Beautiful. Accomplished.

We all have that voice inside our heads that tell us we’re not enough. Hearing that voice is sometimes out of our control, but listening to it is always in our control.

I’ve struggled with body image for a while. I’ve worked on becoming more confident in who I am as a person, but becoming more confident in my physicality has proved to be a much harder task.

Everybody is beautiful and every body is beautiful. Including mine. It’s time for me to accept that.

Cheers to loving yourself!

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16 thoughts on “I Feel Fat.

  1. It’s crazy how many of us are struck with body image issues. Loving yourself is harder than it should be sometimes :/ Cheers to you and your positive attitude!

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  2. Body image can be such a struggle and I love hearing your thoughts. I think it can take time and practice to make positive body thoughts a habit. 🙂 I have found I feel most empowered mentally and physically after working out, but sometimes life can make working out consistently a challenge!!

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  3. This is such a great, inspiring post! I think everyone goes through periods where they feel like this even if it’s not all the time. I’ve defiitely been there. I’ve lived there! We all need to promote the idea and action of loving yourself and accepting yourself! Of course it doesn’t hurt to work on yourself and want to be better, but it should come from the inside! Great post!

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  4. Really great post. Loving your body and yourself is key. I like that now a days that positive body image is being taught to little girls, showing them its okay to not be super skinny or its okay to be chubby. Just be yourself.

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  5. What you say is so true! I’m quite slim and I was very in shape… But with the ageing process along with a lack of time to work out, I’ve noticed changes in my body that doesn’t necessarily make me feel comfortable. However I should be proud of the bosy I have and not compare it constantly 🙂 Thank you for this uplifting post! 💚

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  6. Thank you for being transparent. ” Feeing fat” wasn’t my issue. I was more of a ” I don’t look good” but in the past couple of years I have looked at my inner beauty and used that to guide my emotions. Since I have made this change I have experienced a increased self-esteem and generally a positive feeling about my ever changing body.

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  7. Hi Mackenzie. I love your post. It was incredibly vulnerable and authentic and body image is an issue that many people, especially women, struggle with. You are right that we have a choice as to whether or not we decide to listen to that negative voice. You are beautiful. You are good enough, in fact, you are amazing! Keep up the good work!

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  8. Everybody is beautiful in their own way. What society constructs as “beautiful” shouldn’t make us feel bad about ourselves. Lovely post.

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  9. We all have this problem… There are some parts in everybody’s personality that they don’t like… But there are many beautiful parts too.. unfortunately we focus only on what we don’t like and ignore the beauty… We are beautiful indeed.. thank you for this post.. love

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  10. Very brave post. I think it’s all tied up with body image. I often ‘feel’ fat and it’s ridiculous because I’m a size 10. I have a crazy gluten intolerance though, which doesn’t help. I have learnt to respect and love my body over time, but it hasn’t been an easy journey x

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  11. Hi Mackenzie, This was an incredible post! I am very proud of you. This is so honest and real, every woman goes through this. I am very lucky to have a man who doesn’t care what my weight or shape is. I hope you have found that Mitchell 😊😍


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