A Day Trip to Boston!

Hi friends! Summer is one of the best times to travel and visit places, no matter how close or far. This past weekend I took a day trip to my favorite city, Boston, and wanted to share it all with you!

Instead of driving into the city, we took the commuter train, which made things much easier.


The first stop of the day: Fenway Park

We got tickets for a tour of the park, and it was really cool! We learned a lot about the history behind the ballpark, got to sit on the Green Monster, and even got to sit in the press box! If you’re a baseball fan, or just interested in touring something cool in Boston, I definitely recommend it.

After Fenway, we hopped over to the Prudential Center for a snack stop in Eataly. Guys, this place was amazing! I got lemon gelato (my favorite!) and it made me miss Italy so much. We also filled a bag with some candy to try later on as well.


We did things a little backward and had dessert before our meal. After Eataly we hit Faneuil Hall for lunch. If you’ve been there before, you know one of the best ways to describe that place is “overwhelming.” But nevertheless, it’s still one of my favorite spots to hit when visiting Boston.

Our second to last stop was the Public Gardens! If you’ve ever heard of the book Make Way for Ducklings, then the Public Gardens is definitely a place to visit. The Make Way for Ducklings statue is a cute little statue of the mother duck and her ducklings trailing behind. Don’t worry about walking around looking for it – you can just type it right into your GPS!

Lastly, we went to the Museum of Science. During the summer, the MoS is open late on Fridays and admission is 1/2 off, which is really great! I hadn’t been in a long time, so going back was exciting.


Overall my day in Boston was very fun! I hadn’t been to the city in a few years, and I had been wanting to go back for a while. I have a goal of working in Boston out of college, so I definitely can see another trip in my near future!

What’s your favorite city?

One thought on “A Day Trip to Boston!

  1. Boston is so fun!! I LOVE the public gardens! My boyfriend and I visited there for a weekend once and it was so awesome. I go to school in Columbus, though, so I’d definitely have to call that my fav city 😁

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