A Rhode Island Food Tour

If you had only 2 days to show someone where you lived, what would be on your list?

Last weekend I flew home with my boyfriend for Easter weekend. This was his first time in Rhode Island (as well as in the north in general and on an airplane!) so I knew I had to give an A+ tour of my wonderful home state. But, I only had two days to do it. I thought that was difficult, and RI is the smallest state! Imagine trying to show someone the best of Texas or California in two days! What?! (Practically) impossible.

The one thing this trip really made me realize was how important food was to “Rhode Island culture.” While seeing our amazing beaches and different landmarks around the state was important, picking out where and what to eat was at the top of my list. There are lots of things that people who are not from the area have never seen before – like coffee milk! If you’re not from Rhode Island and don’t know what it is, it’s coffee flavored milk. You buy the syrup made in Rhode Island and mix it in to taste.

819DPGsUaXL._SY679_.jpgAvailable at Amazon.com


Coffee milk was the first thing we made him try. It was a huge hit, which was good! A true Rhode Islander at heart. Next, a hot wiener. Again, if you’re not from Rhode Island I’ll explain. A hot wiener is a hot dog in a steamed bun with ground beef and raw onions on top. It’s an interesting combination. The one we got did not have onions on it, though.


For dinner, we had to boast our northern Italian food quality. We went to a really good place near Bonnet Shores. I got one of my favorite Italian dishes, Spaghetti Carbonara, and he got a pesto pasta and scallop dish. He was definitely impressed by Rhode Island Italian.


Another extremely important food destination was none other than Allie’s Donuts. To me, it is the best place to get a doughnut in Rhode Island. To give even more perspective on its popularity, their Facebook page has 1,000 5 star ratings while 1-4 each has less than 100. We got a box and sampled a few different kinds offered.



The last classic Rhode Island food pitstop was George’s of Galilee. There he got some scallops, but the most important thing on the menu was the clam cakes. Yet another hit! He was quite impressed by how good the seafood up north was overall.


Well, there you have it. A lot of food was consumed this weekend. Another night for dinner we went to a hibachi restaurant and wow you get so much food! Heading back to school the two of us felt like this:


It was an extremely fun weekend showing someone around Rhode Island. I had never had someone visit for the first time, so seeing my state through a newcomer’s eyes was really interesting to me. One problem though was that we did miss one of the most important Rhode Island food staples – Del’s Frozen Lemonade. But that’s just all the more reason to visit again!


What food is from your hometown?

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