Top 5 Songs (And Then Some) to Add to Your Spring Break Playlist

Hello everyone! Spring break at Elon is quickly approaching (It starts the 16th of March!) and spring break playlists are definitely in the works. If you’re going anywhere for spring break, or even if you’re just going home, a playlist is always fun to create and have so I wanted to share with you some song suggestions as well as a little playlist I created just for you! Enjoy!

giphy (1).gif

1. Summertime, Bitches! My First Band

My roommate actually happened to stumble across this song and it has become our spring break anthem. While it isn’t summertime, spring break is basically a nice warmup. We are going to Florida so we are definitely going to try to pretend it’s summer for a few days!

2. Here Comes the Sun The Beatles

A pretty classic Spring and Summer song to add! Most people know this song (which makes it a great playlist addition) and if you don’t know it, there’s a chance you’ve been living under a rock and definitely need to look it up ASAP.

3. Another Day in Paradise Quinn XCII

One of my friends who I worked with over the summer showed me this song and I immediately added it to my summer playlist. It’s also perfect for spring break so if you haven’t heard this song you should check it out!

4. Wouldn’t It Be Nice The Beach Boys

This is one of the first songs that pops into my head when I think of The Beach Boys (100% because of the video of the bird dancing to this song, see it here), but really a ton of their songs can fit into a spring break playlist!

 5. Back in the U.S.S.R. The Beatles

This song has a very similar feel to Beach Boys songs (listen for the classic Beach Boys “ooooeeeeoo” in the background) which also makes it perfect for spring break playlists!

These are my top 5 songs for spring break, and if you want to check it out, here’s a short playlist with those songs and a few more that I made for you!

What’s your go-to spring break song?

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