Did I Achieve My Goals for 2017?

Hello everyone! This is my last post of 2017!


This also will be my last post until the end of January. I will be abroad for almost the entire month traveling around Spain and Morocco for a study abroad course! I’m very excited to have this experience, and will definitely be inspired and will have ideas for lots of blog posts to write when I’m back!

Now, onto today’s post!

As I was coming up with some goals for the upcoming year, I thought back to my post “17 Goals for 2017” (which you can read here) and whether or not I actually achieved all 17 of these goals. I haven’t even looked at these goals until now, so actively trying to achieve them was not part of my 2017 at all.

1. Start a memory jar

I actually did this one! I have a jar where I put in things that I’ve collected like tickets and notes that I want to remember! Come January, I’ll go through everything and have little mini memories.

2. Cleanse the Closet

Yeah..this didn’t really happen. I did get rid of a lot of clothes I had but actually downsizing the total amount of clothes I own definitely did not happen at all. I just bought more to replace what I got rid of. Oops.

3. Do more good

I’d like to sit here and tell you how I volunteered every month and donated so many things and so much money to all these different causes, but I didn’t. I did some, but definitely not enough to count it as more than usual.

4. Try new things

I’d say I’ve tried a decent amount of new things this year! Even food, which is one of the biggest obstacles for me since I am a very picky eater.

5. Read More

Overall, I didn’t really read more this year. I did a decent amount of reading over the summer when I had more free time, but that’s really it. I also mainly just reread Harry Potter books, so does that even count?

6. Bullet Journaling

I’m honestly pretty sad to say that I didn’t get super into it this year! My obsession with bullet journaling kind of died out over time. Maybe I’ll get back into it again at some point.

7. Really get organized

I’m not sure if I achieved this. I feel like I’m a pretty organized person now and I didn’t feel that last year, so I’d say that’s some improvement!

8. Spend less money

This one definitely did not happen. Now that I have a car on campus I think I’m spending more money than less! Definitely adding budgeting to my list of goals for 2018.

9. Stop worrying

Yeah, another thing that probably didn’t happen. I’ve learned to worry less and let things go more, but I definitely have not stopped worrying completely.

10. Take more pictures

To be honest, I’m not sure if this happened or not. I don’t really know how many pictures I took last year and if I took more this year or not. I mean, maybe?

11. Waste less time

Oh, look! Yet another goal that wasn’t achieved! Oops!

12. Don’t put so much effort into one-sided relationships

This I’d say I achieved. At this time last year, I definitely was struggling with one-sided relationships and it sucked. But I did cut ties with some people and moved on and I haven’t had issues with that since!

13. Learn more about politics

While I didn’t take time to sit down and research politics and put active effort into learning about politics, over time I’ve definitely learned more and become more aware of things which I’m proud of!

14. Paint

This was achieved! I purchased a decent amount of canvases and paints this year and have been painting for people for gifts and such!

15. Take a social media break

I actually forgot that I had wanted to take a week or so off of social media as a nice cleanse. Maybe I’ll try it this upcoming year!

16. Drink more water

I’ve had waves of drinking enough water and then not. So, I’d say I half achieved this goal. Parts of the year I was doing well and others, not so much.

17. Build this blog

One year later and I’m still writing! I’d count this one as a success. Check.

So I’d say that I did alright at achieving my goals for 2017. Hopefully 2018 I’ll be able to achieve even more.

Did you achieve your goals for 2017?

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