How I’ve Been… Fall Semester 2017

I’m going to start this post off by saying this: this past semester was pretty far from fantastic for a good 70%-80% of the time. 

Hello! I am currently writing this post on break, sitting in my bedroom back in my hometown, reflecting on the past 4(ish) months. It has certainly been interesting, and by far one of the hardest semesters yet.

Now, I obviously won’t say that it was awful all the time. There were some good parts. While I had a decent amount of lows throughout this semester, the high parts were the happiest I think I have ever been. I moved into a fabulous apartment on campus in a perfect location, I started a relationship with my wonderful boyfriend, and I got close with one of the best friends I have ever had. All of those things I am very grateful for.

So, let’s talk classes. This semester I took 17 credits, and a total of 6 classes. For me, it was a lot. My schedule was not the best and I didn’t have very much free time since a lot of my classes were later in the day. And some were hard. The joy that overcame me when I walked out of my last final was overwhelming.

Socially, this was an interesting semester, to say the least. Things started great, there were some rocky parts but overall not bad, and then come midterms things changed. My living situation turned hostile and it was a toxic, unhealthy situation. While I still have the second semester in the same living situation, I am hopeful that this extra long break will allow things to settle more. Things have been a rollercoaster; good, then bad, then good, then worse. It certainly has taken a toll on me in many different ways.

So where does this taxing semester leave me? Broken down, tired and sad? Well, yeah. BUT it has also left me determined, hopeful, and thankful. Determined to make this upcoming semester and my junior year better. Hopeful that I can push through and past the negativity. Thankful for those in my life both at school and back home who have helped me see the bright side of things and focus on the positives when I couldn’t do it on my own. Having a great support system in my life is more than I could have ever asked for.

My message to all of you and the biggest lesson I have learned this semester is that negative situations happen; they’re inevitable. But, the most important thing we can do is not let them break us, and not spend all of our energy focusing on them. It’s easy to focus on the things you wish you had said to someone or how you wish things were different, but letting go and moving forward is so much better. Great things are coming, and I am positive that one day I’ll look back at this semester and think to myself how much better life is compared to it. Things for me will improve, and for anyone else who is in a negative place, things will for you too. Just believe. 

In honor of my efforts to be positive, here are some of my happy moments from this past semester!

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How do you stay positive?

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