Decorating Your Dorm Room: My Tips

The school year is starting soon for a lot of people which is very exciting! Whether you’re going back to school or moving in for your freshman year, the idea of decorating a new room is both exciting and intimidating. So many ideas typically run through my head when planning my room that it takes so long for me to decide what to do. Today, I wanted to share with you some tips for decorating your dorm room this year!

1. Pick a color scheme

Dorm rooms typically have white walls or some other plain color. So, whatever you decorate the room with will bring much more color into the room. If you want everything to mesh well with each other, pick a good color scheme to use for all of your decorations. For example, my freshman year dorm was gray, coral, and mint green to match my bed spread.

2. Wall decorations

These are a great way to add more to a plain dorm room. You can paint something on a canvas, buy a print, or even hang up some pictures of friends and family back home. Etsy is a great website to find things to decorate your room with. There are plenty of options for digital prints, art, garland and string lights, or anything you’d want to decorate walls with.

3. Storage Bins

If you want a cute dorm room, keeping it clean is always a good idea. Getting some storage bins for under your bed or for your closet will help keep things like extra toiletries, cleaning supplies, and shoes out of sight and make your room look clean and organized. If your room is big enough or if you’re lofting your bed for more room, a bin organizer would be perfect. I used one with 3 drawers for things like socks and underwear.

4. Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest

The best way to get ideas for your room is to be inspired by another! Both last summer and this summer I’ve scrolled through Pinterest for ideas. Most of my decorations I used last year were from things I saw. If you don’t know where to begin with decorating your room or need one last thing to make or buy to hang up, I highly recommend this! Just search “dorm decor” or anything of the sort and you’ll get tons of pins to explore!

What tips do you have for dorm decorating?

With love,



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