Summer 2017: Gif Edition

 summer beach frozen olaf disney frozen GIF

Oh, summer; a fun break with no school work, no responsibilities, and no alarms for early in the morning. Well, until now. Now that I’m in college, summers are really just a short period of time where I try to get my life together. The summer before I left for school was all about trying to get everything ready and to mentally prepare myself to be far away from home. This summer I’ll be honest is all about trying to make as much money and get as fit (and utterly fail) as I can in 3 months. I would barely even call this a break. But, it makes for a hopefully relatable and funny post, so here is my summer 2017 summed up in some gifs!

The first day of the summer internship when I was bright eyed and excited to be an adult for a few months:

 movies happy excited scream screaming GIF

Waking up the second Monday and realizing how often you’re going to have to be up this early:

 tired morning frozen anna wake up GIF

Setting up a fitness plan that you’re ~positive~ you’ll stick to:

 workout mark wahlberg im hot pain and gain im big GIF

When you’ve skipped the gym for the 3rd week in a row:

 fat pet door GIF

Trying to tan for the first time:

 sun skin sunscreen sunburn GIF

And lastly, when all of your friends finally have the same day off of work:

 friends phoebe buffay rachel green chandler bing joey tribbiani GIF

With love,


Images found here, herehere, here, here, here, and here

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