VIDEO: Elonthon 2017!

Hello, everyone!

Last weekend I took part in Elonthon, which is Elon University’s 24-hour dance marathon to support Duke Children’s Hospital! It was by far one of the most amazing experiences of my life this far. I was on a committee for this event; interactive media (hence the video). We helped make all of the videos leading up to the event, and each got to film our experiences at thon!

This year we raised a record high of $351,554.17 FTK (for the kids) exceeding our goals of $300k which is AMAZING!!!!

Hearing all of the stories from the miracle children and being able to learn even more about what all the money we raised will be doing to help kids made everything worth it. My feet were so sore by the end and I was tired beyond belief but the second I saw the amount that was raised, I (of course) cried and felt so proud of everyone and everything that was accomplished.

Since I loved this event so much, I wanted to share the video I created with you all. I hope you enjoy!

FTK all DM day ❤

With love,


(Featured Image from the Elonthon Facebook Page)

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