Springtime Wardrobe Additions


Somewhat long time, no write. Today I wanted to try something a little different on here and delve into the world of fashion/beauty blogging! I’m currently home for my Spring break, and I have done some much-needed shopping for the warmer weather. Going through my closet, I noticed that basically, all I had were clothes that were either black, gray, or white. So, during my break, I bought some new clothes that actually had some color in them which is very exciting.


unnamed-4unnamedunnamed-5These three tops and dress were from American Eagle. I ended up going there twice and got two things each time. Usually, this store is either a hit or a miss for me, and I think we can all agree that this time it was a pretty big hit.


This top and dress are from Forever21. I needed to buy some more dresses for Spring, and this pink and purple one is great. It’s soft and comfortable, and is super cute as well!


And lastly, I got these shorts from Old Navy. For some reason, I find things with fruit print so so cute and I just couldn’t resist these!

I’m so incredibly excited for Spring – and to get back into the swing of blogging more often! I’ll talk to you guys next time, hopefully with a little more of a chatty post!

What’s your favorite thing to wear in the Spring?

With love,


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