Every Day is a Holiday!

For Christmas every year I typically get a calendar for the upcoming year. This past Christmas, I got a calendar that says a holiday. For every. single. day.

You can only imagine how excited I was.

So, I took it upon myself to try (emphasis on the try) to celebrate every day one month. I chose February.

Long story short, I failed. BUT, I did celebrate some days and it was pretty fun.

Let’s start at the beginning. The motivation and excitement was super high on he first day! however, it definitely began to disappear throughout the month. I mean, there were days I just didn’t know how to celebrate or didn’t have the proper supplies. But it’s fine, everything is so fine. I still had a lot of fun this month trying to celebrate as many days as I could.

Here are my highlights:

February 1: Decorating with Candy Day


I cut some candy necklaces and restrung them on some twine to hang on my door. This actually made my room smell so sweet, but I ended up taking the stuff down about 20 minutes after I took the picture because I was afraid mice or ants would start infesting my dorm. Oops.

February 2 Hedgehog Day


Honestly, if anyone were to already own socks with hedgehogs on them, it’d be me. I LOVE socks, especially ones with cute animals and fun things on them. So, when I heard that this was a day I was celebrating, I put on my hedgehog socks and went about my day.

February 6: National Frozen Yogurt Day

Luckily, my school has a place on campus that sells frozen yogurt so I went with two friends and got some that night.

February 8: Extraterrestrial Culture Day


Don’t be fooled, I actually only put my hair in space buns for this picture. Hey, that still counts as celebrating right?

February 14: Creme-Filled Chocolates Day


Ahhh Valentine’s Day. Love that holiday. Only because I can eat lots of chocolate and no one is allowed to judge me for it. I got these creme filled chocolates from my valentine (my mom) and ate them for breakfast. #Health.

February 15: Singles Awareness Day

Yeah. Enough said.

February 27: Polar Bear Day


Again, I LOVE cute socks, and celebrating with socks is super easy/fun. My cousin gave me these for Christmas, so I rocked them on Polar Bear Day. Very comfy socks, I must say.

February 28: Chocolate Soufflé Day

And now this brings us to today! I haven’t celebrated yet but I have a chocolate muffin (my makeshift soufflé) waiting in my dorm to be heated up in my microwave for dessert.

I’ll probably never be able to celebrate an entire month’s worth of “holidays” but at least now I can say that I tried!

What’s your favorite holiday?

With love,


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