College: First Semester

Wow. I am officially done with my first semester of college. I still remember the summer before my senior year of high school when I followed tour guides around college campuses, anxious to apply and find out where I would end up going. Now, as I prepare to fly home for the holidays I can’t help but reflect on my first (almost) 4 months at Elon University.

The Campus

Elon has an incredibly beautiful campus that I feel so lucky to call my home. There really isn’t much here that I could complain about. I know that this school is where I bELONg (had to) and I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.

The Classes

The communications program is fantastic here and I can’t wait to continue to pursue a Strategic Communications degree. While I have only taken one class for my major, I know that by the time graduation comes I will be prepared. I also am signed up for a Spanish class next semester, which I plan on minoring in, and I am so excited, as well as nervous. I’ve missed taking Spanish classes this semester so it should hopefully be fun come February!

The Friends

I’ve learned a lot about friends and different types of people during my short time here already. I haven’t had to make friends in a long time before I came to college so adjusting to having a solid group of long term friends to knowing no one, naturally, was difficult. But on the bright side, I now have some pretty great friends that really make me feel the happiest I’ve felt in a while.

The Roommate

I went with the random assignment route for a roommate this year, which was the scariest thing I have done. Somehow the world decided to grant me my biggest wish and my roommate was not someone who hated me. In fact, she’s my best friend. We say almost everyday how amazed we are that we just happened to be put together and how thankful that this happened.


My first round of college finals went well! I completely lucked out and only had to take one actual test format exam. The rest were the three P’s: papers, projects, and presentations. It, of course, was stressful but I got through it and now it’s smooth sailing until January.


Overall this semester has been quite stressful but extremely fun. I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve become more comfortable both with myself and with this brand new place. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to attend such an amazing school and look forward to see what the next semester (and winter term!) brings.


With love



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